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5.0 out of 5 stars - Must Read Book for any Carrie Fisher / Debbie Reynolds Fan!

Darlene Smith

Just started reading Todd's book and it's one of the best biographies I've read. The flow is great, feels like we are sitting one and one and having a conversation. It's a very intimate portrait of a life lived with two amazing, legendary women. I appreciate his candor, and Todd sharing his perspective with us, even allowing us a more in-depth glimpse into their lives by granting access to his personal archives of photos and videos (available on his website). You can tell he is a very genuine, caring person who was trusted implicitly by his mother and sister. What an incredible, unique life this family lived. I can't imagine the devastating loss and tremendous void left with their deaths so close together. I highly recommend this book.


5.0 out of 5 stars - Well done!


I wasn't sure I wanted to buy this book. I am so glad I did. Todd Fisher writes with great care and compassion about these two women in his life.
It is well worth the read. Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher meant a lot to me. Todd Fisher should be proud, he wrote a lovely book.


5.0 out of 5 stars - An amazingly touching, funny and wonderful tribute to Todd’s “girls”.

Ava Caroline

This is a MUST HAVE for all fans of Debbie or Carrie! Todd writes so lovingly of both his mother and sister. You can tell he cared for them deeply—and he is such a good story teller and writer. I could not put this book down! I read it in less than 9 hours. A terrific read, and very touching. You definitely won’t regret buying this book. I was so excited to get it, and had high expectations and it did not disappoint. Thank you to Todd for sharing “his girls” with us one last time....

5.0 out of 5 stars - I couldn't put it down

Cathy Stucker

I ordered this book as soon as I learned about it. And I read it as soon as it arrived.

Some of the stories are hilarious, some are heartbreaking. They all give a lot of insight into the lives of this celebrity family. Debbie was a ferocious tiger mother, defending her babies throughout their lives and long after they were no longer babies. Debbie Reynolds is not a woman you would have wanted to mess with, as one sleazy Broadway crook learned when he cheated her and called Todd a liar. That was a mistake. Debbie punched him in the face and knocked him on his butt. Way to go, Debbie!

Like millions of others, I was deeply saddened by the deaths of Carrie and Debbie. This book is a great way to remember them.


5.0 out of 5 stars - warm tribute to Mother and Sister


Todd -you did your mother and sister proud! I am sure your mother would want her fans to know just how proud she was of you and how strong she had to be so many times in her life. And how close you and Carrie were growing up-- yet how different she was from both of you. I loved your style of writing and found the book hard to put down. I commend your warm tribute to both these women who you were privileged to grow up with



Angela rated it - it was amazing

I love Carrie Fisher so much that it's hard to review this book objectively, but after reading the last 2 chapters first (and crying like a baby), I found the book utterly engrossing and heart warming in how their family always stood together despite widely published issues. (And I especially love the reveal of who's who among some of the characters in "Postcards From The Edge!")

Marie rated it - it was amazing

Absolutely riveting. I literally couldn't put this down. And very heartfelt too.

Bonnie J Yoman rated it - it was amazing

I absolutely loved this book. Todd Fisher has the same gift for writing as did his sister. He writes as if he's sitting across from you on the sofa, remembering and sharing. The smiles come easily, but so do the tears and the lump in your throat when he recounts, with poignant bravery the days when he lost his beloved sister and mom. You can almost hear his anger and frustration in his voice as he tells us about all the times his mom was taken advantage of and when the deals fell through to build Debbie Reynolds dream museum for her extraordinary collection of movie memorabilia. Along with the HBO documentary "Bright Lights", this book honors two incredible performers who had problems in life as we all do. He has given us a gift by sharing his memories both good and bad.

Monica Ross rated it - it was amazing

I really enjoyed this book. The writing style is like a friend is talking to you. I learned a bit about Todd’s growing up years and life with his famous family.
He seems quite down to earth in spite of his many advantages growing up.
It was interesting to learn about Debbie and Carrie’s relationship as seen from his perspective. This was a very touching and lovingly written memoir.
Thank you for sharing “your girls” with the world!

kathy rated it - it was amazing

This book is truly Todd Fisher's Love letter to "His Girls". If you are a Debbie Reynolds or Carrie Fisher fan I definitely recommend this book. I have read all of Carrie and Debbie's books, this book is interesting to get his take on a lot of the same events. I really never wanted this book to end. If you are a Fan of either or both of these ladies, READ THIS BOOK!